Law of succession, estate planning

Law of succession, estate planning

The firm deals with family law, offering technical support to couples in crisis management or issues concerning minors.
A highly specialized team supports and works along to offer the client the best options, with the help of a specific knowledge of family law both on a judicial and non-judicial level.
The relevant experience of our team, along with the international professional network allow our professionals to provide the best services in Italy and abroad.
The Firm offers legal advices in the matter of planning of personal assets an therefore suggests the best solutions in order to preserve it and manage it. Atti di destinazione, trust companies, trusts, family holdings and foundations are the commonly used instruments together with a specific definition of the necessary formalities in order to reach the accomplishment of the chosen solution.

Indeed, the main aim, apart from the protection of belongings from theaggression of third parties, isto optimize the management of the assets, thus to reach the accomplishment of the goal fixed by the owner, even in inheritance matters.

Assistance in the writing both of wills and acts of assets’ disposal is always accompanied by specific attention to real estate assets’ means and to the company’s shares.

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